Decision Making for High
Performing Teams

Decision Making for
High Performing Teams

Decision Making in Complex
and High Pressure Environments

The aim of this workshop is to give you and your team practical and credible tools that will help you develop frameworks for solving challenging problems. The focus will be on how to break problems down to basic principles, utilise the team for solutions, and then take ownership of the decision moving forward. 

The focus of this workshop is to give you and your team a practical masterclass on how problems can be approached when you are under pressure, have limited time, and work in an environment that has low failure tolerances. 

Prior to commencing this workshop, you will be invited to complete an electronic version of The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). This is a questionnaire designed to measure your underlying motives and beliefs, as well as your leadership style. Once complete, the SDI will give you an extensive report focused on explaining your behaviours in the workplace when things are going well, and when in conflict – a critical aspect for decision making. These results will be workshopped as part of the course.


  • $1200
  • 1 Day Course

Topics Covered

  • Defining and sense making of complex and complicated problems.
  • How to develop ‘the basics’ that need to be in place for a high performing team to problem solve in complex environments.
  • Workshop the different tools and frameworks your team can use to solve complex problems, and its critical role to the development and maintenance of high performing teams in challenging and uncertain environments.
  • Workshop common blockers and enablers of team performance, and how you can manage these for your context – with specific focus on decision making.
  • Explore your Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) results and how these can be used to optimise your team performance and leadership skills when dealing with complex problems.
  • How you can enhance your decision making using a Cynefin framework within a team dynamic to solve complex problems.
  • Using PBED (plan, brief, execute, debrief) to aid in effective complex problem solving.
  • Shared mental models and closed loop communication to enhance problem solving.

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